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It had been nearly two years since Marcus and Christine had started dating one another. It really was a crazy thought for Marcus; to have such a beautiful woman in his life who loved him, but also happened to share his own sexual interests. That certainly made the whole admitting process a lot easier; in fact, Marcus basically got to skip the whole thing! He would go visit Christine every day that he had the time; because they were still young, and because Christine was going to college, they did not have time to hang out all the time and they still lived with their families for financial security. Because of this, there were long periods of time where they would not see each other, which greatly affected both of them.

It was December 15th- the day that Christine’s semester at University ended. Marcus decided that they needed to meet up again, and not just to hang out. It needed to be for something important. After a long commute through traffic, Marcus arrived at Christine’s school, and gave her a call, telling her that he had arrived and was ready to pick her up. After a few minutes, Christine came in and sat down next to Marcus in the car, giving him a quick kiss on the cheek, which Marcus sweetly repaid.

“So babe,” Christine said as the car rolled backwards, “you usually don’t pick me up from school. Something on your mind?”

“There is, actually,” Marcus replied, looking back to make sure he didn’t hit anything, before he resumed driving forward. “It’s been a really long time since we hung out at a more personal level, babe.”

“What do you mean? You come over to hang out almost every other week,” Christine retorted.

“Yeah, I know. But it’s not the same to just hang out compared to… y’know, something a little more personal,” Marcus stated. “I miss those precious intimate moments we used to have. We don’t really have those too often anymore.”

“Ooooh, I see what you’re getting at,” Christine said with a giggle. “Yeah, we haven’t had one of our sessions in a while, have we?” Marcus shakes his head in reply. “Well, in that case, I know the perfect time to have one.”

“Really?” Marcus shouted with a smile. “What do you have on your mind, babe?”

“How does Christmas sound, hon?” Christine giggled with a glint in her eye. “My folks will be out of town that weekend to go visit family. I already told them that I’d prefer not to go- after all, I barely know anybody over in Japan- so it won’t even be hindering!”

“That sounds fantastic, babe!” Marcus replied, still smiling wide. They were very quickly approaching the driveway of Christine’s house, her parent’s cars sitting in the driveway. Christine opened the door to the car, but Marcus stopped her, grabbing her wrist, before stating, “What time do you want me to pop over, babe?”

“Preferably in the evening, that way I can look good for you,” Christine replied with a wink. “I think you’ll like what I have in mind for Christmas, babe.”
“Oh, I bet I will,” Marcus chuckled. He could hear Christine’s parents calling out to her to come inside. “Well, I don’t wanna hold you up for too long. See you soon babe!”

“Alrighty!” Christine replied with a wave. “See you real soon!”

With a quick kiss and a tight hug, Christine was off. Marcus pulled out of the driveway and quickly went on his way to get home himself. His heart was racing, and his palms were sweaty- it had been so long since he’d had the chance to do something so intimate with Christine! He’d sleep very well tonight, and he would wait with bated breath for the moment he had waited so long for- he was so excited that it almost hurt!

About two weeks later…

It was December 25th, around 5 in the evening. Almost a couple weeks had gone by since they had planned the date. It was beginning to grow dark outside, the sun’s rays disappearing below the horizon, signaling the coming of evening and soon, night. Marcus was quick to act- he got dressed in a nice shirt and pants, even though he knew what was in store for him at his love’s house. He told his parents that he would be visiting Christine for the weekend, purposefully leaving the details vague, before he hopped into his car and quickly drove down the road. Within a few minutes, he pulled up to Christine’s place and knocked on the door. He noted how plain her house was- no lights, no garland, nothing. Probably because her parents didn’t celebrate Christmas. Snow fell all around him, reminding him that it was truly the winter time.

“Just a minute!” He heard Christine shout from inside, followed by the sound of feet pounding quickly across the wooden floor to the door. The heavy wooden door soon creaked open, and behind it was Christine. She was dressed rather skimpily, wearing a small red and white tank top that exposed her belly and a pair of red short-shorts that served to emphasize her body. Marcus could feel himself growing quite aroused when she leaned in and gave him a kiss on the lips before he could even say anything.

“You look pretty hot yourself, babe,” Christine giggled, knowing exactly what Marcus was thinking. “Come on in, close the door! You’re letting out all of the heat!”

Marcus nodded swiftly, having snapped out of his stupor, before he closed the door behind him. He took off his heavy coat and put it on the nearby coat rack, before he sat down on Christine’s soft couch, making himself comfortable. Christine came over to him and set a fizzy drink down on the table in front of him. Her skimpy attire let Marcus get a good look at her cleavage and fine body, before she stood back up and sat down at the chair across from him.

“Well? Are you ready for some Christmas fun?” Christine giggled.

“You bet I am, babe,” Marcus said, before he paused. “Though I remember you mentioning that you had something special planned for me. Mind if I see it?”

“Oh right, about that,” Christine stated, visibly blushing. “Umm, I’ll show you it once you shrink down, okay? I guarantee that you’ll love it!”

Marcus smiled and said, “Alright, babe, if you insist.” He grabbed the glass cup and quickly gulped down the drink, letting the strange pill take effect over him. As he slowly felt his consciousness fade, he briefly had a fleeting moment of wonder just where exactly Christine had found these things…

A few moments pass, and the next thing Marcus new, he was awoken by a loud grumbling noise from beneath his body. He quickly shot to his feet, startled by the noise, and awoke to find himself sitting on the belly of his love, Christine, who was staring down at him with a smile on her beautiful face.

“I see you’ve finally woken up, babe,” Christine said with a giggle. Her fingers came down towards him, quickly scooping him up, before Marcus was plopped in between her breasts. “Come with me, babe, and I’ll show you the surprise I got in store for you.”

“Well it doesn’t seem like you’re giving me much of a choice,” Marcus replied in a snarky, unserious tone, which elicited a giggle from Christine. He quite enjoyed resting on his lover’s soft breasts, and he equally enjoyed listening to the rhythmic beat of her heart. It was quite relaxing, and also somewhat sensual as well. Marcus knew he couldn’t get too comfortable, however, because he’d soon he out of this little spot of heaven.

Christine soon sat down with a hard thump, causing Marcus to slide a bit deeper into her cleavage, before he felt two long, slender fingers grip him around the waist and set him down onto the plain wooden tabletop. Marcus turned his head and noticed a glass jar, maybe 5 or 6 inches, that had about 5 little men around his size! This concerned Marcus, who then quickly turned back to Christine, who was glancing down at her lover with pursed lips.

“I see that you noticed my little surprise,” Christine said. “I’m sure you’re wondering what they’re doing here and why I’d be so willing to put them here. Don’t worry- apparently the place that I bought those cool little pills from sells these little guys as well!”

“Sells them?” Marcus said, perplexed. What the blazes kind of shop was she going online to? “What kind of people are they?”

“Well, apparently, these guys are all death row inmates from all over the place. Don’t worry, they’ve all been disarmed and the like. I won’t eat you when they’re still around in my belly- I don’t want anything bad to happen to you!”

“Oh… well, that does change a lot,” Marcus replies softly.

“Great!” Christine said with a giggle, as she grabbed the jar with one hand, sending several of the tiny men inside of it jostling over one another. “So are you ready for your little pre-show, love?”

“Oh, I’m more than ready babe,” Marcus replied with a wide grin. He was going to enjoy every second of this.

“Then let’s get started,” Christine said, unscrewing the lid of the jar and sticking her thin, slender fingers into the jar. After much fighting, she managed to snag one of the little men between her index and middle fingers. Marcus could hear the man pleading for his life, struggling against his girlfriend’s titanic grip on him, but Marcus knew his plight was hopeless.

“Aww, aren’t you a tiny little guy?” Christine chuckled, before her parted, her long slimy tongue slithering all along his body. “Mmm, you taste pretty good. Time to see if you feel good in me too!”

She then forced the tiny man into her mouth and swiftly closed it, before she lowered her head and mouth down to Marcus’ level, allowing him to take a good look at her breasts, neck, and lips. Christine briefly opened her mouth, allowing Marcus to see the little man squirm around on her tongue, kicking and screaming to escape from her maw. Marcus could feel himself growing aroused, which Christine could clearly see. She smirked, before she closed her mouth and tilted her head back, allowing Marcus to get a good view of her neck and throat. With a loud, wet “gulp!”, Christine swallowed the man whole, sending him slithering down her tight neck in a modest-sized lump. Marcus could make out the man’s struggles through her neck, making out small hands and feet that tried to slow their descent to no avail. After a few moments, the lump disappeared behind Christine’s chest.
With a loud sigh and small burp, Christine turned back to the jar. Marcus’ attention shifted too, noting that they all looked absolutely horrified of their eventual fate. Christine smirked widely as she let out a quiet moan; clearly, she could feel the little man squirming around inside of her belly already!

“So, who wants to be next down the giantess waterslide?” Christine giggles, as she glances down at Marcus, happy to see how thrilled he is. Christine stuck her tongue out as she stuck another pair of fingers into the jar, fishing for another person to consume whole. After a brief struggle, she snagged another tiny man, yanking him up by the leg out of the jar, before dangling him in front of her face.

“Feisty little one, aren’t you?” Christine stated with a sly smirk on her face, swaying her body back and forth, her belly moving in an almost rhythmic motion. Though Marcus couldn’t hear what he said from where he stood, he was definitely cursing her out and insulting both him and Christine. “That’s not very nice to say, little man! I think I’m going to have to teach you a lesson!”

What were once harsh words and venomous insults quickly transformed into pleas of mercy and bargaining, but Christine was having none of it. Christine swiftly wrapped her lips around his upper torso and let go of his legs, letting him kick wildly in the air. Her tongue slithered out like a serpent and quickly scooped his legs inside as well, before she lowered her head to Marcus’ level once more. Marcus could see his feet and arms pushing against the inside of his lover’s cheeks, which brought him great pleasure to see. Christine could see that Marcus enjoyed that, so she swished the man around briefly, pressing his body against the side of her cheeks, before she tilted her head back and swallowed him whole. Marcus could make out the lump wiggling and fighting all the way down Christine’s throat before he, too, vanished behind his beloved’s chest.

Christine loosed a very loud burp this time, which caused her to laugh very loudly. “Wow, he was quite the fighter. I can still feel him wiggling in my chest! Oh… aaaaaand there he goes! Plopped down into my tummy!”

She turned back to the jar, seeing the last three remaining men huddled in one corner of the jar. “Two down, three to go. Who’s next to enter their new home?” She reached inside with lightning speed this time, snatching up the first little man she made contact with. This man seemed resigned to his fate, very melancholy and sad. Christine bounced him around a bit to get him riled up, but he seemed to have none of it.

“Aww, you’re no fun little guy,” Christine stated with a false frown. “You gotta at least put on a little show for my love down there!” The man glanced at Marcus, and did nothing more, simply staring at Christine with resignation in his eyes.

“Well, if you insist,” Christine said with a shrug, before she quickly slurped him into her maw and gulped him down, sending him to her awaiting stomach. At this point, Marcus could see Christine’s modest belly had formed a small bulge in it, with the occasional struggle seen within it. Marcus couldn’t help but shake with pleasure and anticipation.

“Aww, it looks like I’m almost out of tinies,” Christine said as she stared into the jar with one of her pretty brown eyes, causing the two remaining tinies to force themselves away from her. “Oh well. I guess I’ll make a show out of you two!”

Christine tilted the jar forward, causing the two men to roll out onto the palm of her hand. They attempted to escape, trying to jump off the edges of her hand, but Christine was too quick for them- she quickly closed her hand, trapping both of them under a finger each, before she set the jar down and grabbed one in her now available hand.

“Now that’s no way to treat your hostess, is it?” The giantess giggled, raising one in front of her face. “I think you need to learn some respect!”

Christine quickly tossed him in, before she grabbed the other man as well. Christine raised her body above the table, allowing Marcus to get a good look at her belly and breasts, before she lowered herself down to face level with Marcus, still holding the last remaining tiny in front of her.

"I shtill go’ room for one more,” Christine said, her mouth full from the other man still in her mouth.

A grin spread across Marcus’ face, before he shouted, “Eat them both in the same gulp!” The tiny man shook his head in utter terror, staring at the giantess’ mouth, where his friend was.

“Thatsh’s a great idea, babe!” Christine said, before she stuck her tongue out and dropped the last remaining tiny on it. The slippery pink muscle slithered back into her mouth, before she quickly tilted her head back and extended her neck. Marcus waited with bated breath, his mouth agape and body quivering with anticipation. Suddenly, a loud “gulp!” resonated from Christine’s throat, as a fairly large-sized bulge squirmed its way down her esophagus. Christine swallowed again, sending more saliva down her throat, and causing the little men to slide all the way her throat, before disappearing behind her chest. Christine let out a loud, resounding belch, one that shook Marcus’ very being, before she raised her body back up, allowing Marcus to get a good look at her chest, followed by her now full tummy.

“Oooh, that was so much fun, babe,” Christine said, licking her lips as she let out another small burp. “I can feel them all squirming around inside of my stomach, and I love every second of it!”

“I loved every second of it too, hon!” Marcus yelled in arousal. “I loved how you teased each and every one of them, and I loved how you swallowed them all for me to see. It really was a sensual experience!”

“Awww, do you really feel that way?” Christine inquired as she blushed intensely, her whole face turning bright red.

“Of course, Christine,” Marcus replied with a smile. There was a brief silence, as Marcus stared at his beloved’s beautiful form. His eyes followed along her body, from her lips to her long neck to her soft breasts all the way down to her belly. He simply stared in awe as he saw the little men in her stomach struggle, her limbs and bodies pressing against the walls of her tummy, making tiny impressions and lumps in her skin.

“I see that you like seeing them digest too, babe,” Christine said.

“Very much so,” Marcus replied. “Mind, uhh… mind if I lie on top of your stomach for a little bit?”

“Not at all, babe!” Christine said with a smile. She snatched up Marcus and quickly hustled over to her couch. She lied down on the couch, before she sat her very tiny lover on top of her belly, letting him press his tiny ears and face against the soft skin of her tummy. He could hear her stomach’s groans and growls, her stomach’s strong acids sloshing the tiny criminals around inside of her. He could hear their muffled cries of fear and anger. The sounds of his lover’s full stomach slowly lulled Marcus into a deep sleep…

After a couple of hours, Marcus soon found himself awake, still lying on top of Christine’s bare stomach. Though he noticed that the sounds of digestion had utterly stopped. He looked up to see Christine still awake, though distracted watching TV. Marcus struggled to stand up on his feet due to the soft nature of the belly, though he eventually managed to. This caught the attention of Christine, who quickly turned to see Marcus.

“Oh hey! I see you’ve woken back up,” Christine said with a smile.

“It sounds like you’ve finished digesting those little men,” Marcus stated.

“Yeah, I finished them about an hour ago actually,” Christine replied, showing off her pearly white teeth.

“I dunno if you really feel like it, babe, but uhh… would you willing to eat me too today?” Marcus inquired.

“Of course, babe! I know how much being inside of me turns you on, so I always assumed you wanted me to eat you,” Christine replied happily.

“Woohoo!” Marcus shouted, thrusting both his arms up into the air in excitement. Christine let out a small giggle before she snatched up Marcus with her fingers. She lifted up a small harness with a long, thick rope attached to it, before she plopped both him and the harness onto her palm.

“What’s this, hon?” Marcus asked as he held up the harness.

“It’s a harness for you, babe!” Christine bubbled. “So that way, I can get you out of my belly more easily.”

“Ooooh, okay! That actually makes a lot of sense,” Marcus replied as he put the harness on. Christine quickly got out her stethoscope and put the two ends into her ears, before placing the end of it on top of her belly. She grabbed one end of the rope and, with Marcus’ help, fastened it to her pinky finger.

“You ready, love?” Christine stated, her glistening teeth and soft lips now at face level with Marcus.

“I was born ready for this, babe,” Marcus said, now fully aroused.

“Alright then, bottom’s up!” Christine stated, before she tilted her hand forward, sending Marcus tumbling down into her awaiting mouth. She sloshed Marcus around for a brief while, both of them moaning in enjoyment, before she tilted her head back and swallowed him down whole. She pressed her available hand’s index finger against her neck, feeling Marcus slide down her throat, while Marcus pressed his hands against the inside of her esophagus, feeling the slight pressure Christine’s finger brought to the journey to the belly.

After a brief and very slimy trip, Marcus splashed down into Christine’s stomach, becoming drenched in her digestive fluids, though the magical pills kept him safe from harm. Gurgles and growls surrounded him, and the beating of his lover’s heart grew slightly faster, hinting to her aroused state. He sloshed his way through her acids and juices, before he pressed his body against what he assumed was the front side of her belly. Feeling this, Christine let out a happy sigh before placing her hand on top of her stomach.

“I love you, Marcus,” Christine said with a smile.

“I love you too, Christine,” Marcus replied happily, before the two lovers rested together as one…
A Christmas with Christine (vore story)
Been a while since y'all have seen me, huh?

I got a bolt of inspiration from several sources, and from my own imagination. This story is a sequel to one of my previous stories, "Love at First Gulp", and I thought it'd be cute to continue the adventures of Marcus (the boy) and his now-girlfriend Christine (the girl). How you all enjoy!


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As one can guess, I'm a bit of a... well, vorarephiliac. What does that mean, you may ask? Well, that means I have a fetish for seeing people get swallowed whole by other creatures. For me, that other creature is giant women. This fetish of mine came on when I was younger, and it's grown as I've gotten older. Originally it was just large monsters eating people, particularly women, but it quickly grew into giantesses eating people (usually me). This is a bit of a "gush" account, so I can express myself without judgment from my peers.

This account will be focusing primarily on vore-themed stories and maybe some roleplays (no guarantees there).

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